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Posted: 08/28/07 08:57:13


Looking for your advices in order to use agent like communication with Tango. SACP (Simple Agent Communication Protocol)

Should I start with or ?

Looking for agent to agents communication based on a public network with secured information messages.

Cheers, Laurent.

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Posted: 08/28/07 20:20:54

For a LAN based system, you could implement quickly using (see the Tango reference manual for info).

For a WAN implementation, I guess you might be looking for TLS/SSL also? I understand someone is writing this, but it's not available yet. Alternatively, you could encrypt using Sha1 or one of the others in

You say it's for a public network? Then using HTTP over port 80 would at least ensure generic access. You could design something on top of the HTTP protocol, using a servlet-style design? With HTTP the URI could define the resources or namespace, with some custom HTTP headers defining a set of name/value pairs? HTTP also supports binary transfer, along with compression and so on, so you may be able to make something operate quite well.

So yeah, would be a good place to start. Tango has a HTTP client, and Mango has a compatible HTTP server too.

Hope that helps to get you started :)

- Kris

Posted: 08/29/07 11:31:25

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the reply.

Based on your information :

I will start with and use sha after then. and a binary format I think. Will have a look o the servlet part too.

First need : Implement the SACP protocol between basic agents.

Thanks, Laurent