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Standard Library?

Posted: 08/27/07 14:48:05

I have heard a lot of (sometimes heated) discussion regarding the future of D's standard library (phobos) and the possible future role of Tango as its successor. Following the D conference this past week, I was curious if there was any progress on this topic? Are we going to have two competing standard libraries or is Tango going to be adopted once it is stable?

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Posted: 09/02/07 08:12:32

That's a good question. The answer is ... we don't know yet :)

In the meantime, we'll try to make the runtime compatible between the two libraries. Hopefully that will ease some of the concerns, although I'm not sure that addressed your primary question? What do you think should be done?

Posted: 09/11/07 20:38:38

Why tango can't be compartible with phobos? I know that phobos and tango has different goals and follows different design patterns. But there are many same goals. Why Phobos can't be the core for simple things like stdio, gc and tango extends this? And why the tango developer and Walter can't sit down and find any solution for this?

I think this is the biggest argument against D?

Posted: 09/12/07 00:02:42

perhaps because Stdio and GC are two of the many things which Tango has significantly improved upon?

The GC will likely become common between the libraries, assuming phobos adopts the improvements from Tango. The same will probably have to happen regarding the exception hierarchy.

Posted: 09/12/07 08:21:17

Thanks for the answer. But, what is the problem? Does the phobos developer don't see this problem? Is there no communication between the tango and phobos developers? In the newsgroup digitalmars.D are daily discussion on: how to improve D. IMO no standard library is currently the most important problem. But all developer ignore that and any questions. Why?

Posted: 09/16/07 10:54:27

As you may or may not know, D, DMD and Phobos has mostly been developed by one person, Walter Bright. He only has so much time, and one of the results is that Phobos has been neglected. Discussions around it have disappeared as people has noticed the futility of it. This does not mean that many agree though, and there are discussions to make Tango and Phobos more compatible at the lowest levels.

Posted: 09/17/07 10:02:19

Thanks. Isn't possible to talk with Walter direct? And how Walter think about this?

Posted: 09/17/07 10:06:39

We have talked with Walter directly (in person, at the D conference), and we are now discussing how to proceed via email. So, this is an ongoing process where both we and Walter are involved, progress is happening, and we are in agreement over the goals.

Posted: 09/17/07 11:01:58


Posted: 01/08/08 02:30:24

The Tango 0.99.4 release makes it almost trivial to run Phobos-oriented code on top of the Tango runtime library. You simply install the Tangobos extension library (linked via the Tango download page) and almost all phobos code will then run within Tango.