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Posted: 08/26/07 19:23:19

Someone can show one example how to use the class Properties i need work with files of properties and i think with this class is more easy.

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Posted: 08/28/07 19:52:56

Hey :)

Kris just created an example and put it in SVN, see properties.d. Hope this is what you wanted :)

Posted: 08/28/07 21:48:49

OK thx :D I have make one Properties.d class base on Properties of Java more dinamic. My Class Properties have a TreeMap? inside and have methods for save, load, add and get in the end work like this:

Properties p = new Properties(); p.add("KEY1","VALUE1"); //Saves in a file like Tango Properties.d but properties continue acessible char [] key1 = p.get("KEY1"); p.load("properties.txt"); //Load the properties from the files adding the news and update de old values :D

If Tango developer like my lib i can send is not perfect but in my point of view is more usefull.