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"Not read"-markers and email notification

Moderators: larsivi

Posted: 02/04/07 12:02:20

The recent activity page is somewhat less useful than the "not read"-markers found in phpBB when going through the forum replying to posts. That it isn't updated for every read makes it even less useful.

On another note, it would be nice to have email notification too, a la phpBB for topics one subscribe to.

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Posted: 02/04/07 14:56:27

Heh, I knew this was going to come up.

re: read/not read: It's expensive in the database backend to keep track of read/not read on the server-side, much like your newsreader client does on the client-side. However, I have always wanted this, because when I log in on someone else's computer, it will show everything as 'not read.' phpbb gets around it by going by last visit time, but if you have a visit where you don't check your recent forum msgs since last visit, they won't be there next time. Not ideal. I guess I'm asking for server-side tracking, making TracForums a bit more like my newsreader...

Also, as I type this, I'm missing the phpbb preview of the topic so-far, down below. Just adding to the list, pragma :) <-- smilies, too, although there may be an existing Trac plugin for that.

  • read/not read (by user by message)
  • email notification of topics being watched (by user by topic)
  • message posting - view previous posts in topic
  • smilies


Posted: 02/05/07 03:02:22

I hear you both loud and clear. I've been burned by all of these too; my hope was that this wasn't going to bother anyone as much as it did me.

  • read/not read (by user by message)

Like Brad said: this is a PITA to handle server-side. I'll look into what PHPBB was doing and try to emulate that a bit better. The other option is to just go by the timeline once that's patched (r53 has a fix for the URL problem in there).

  • email notification of topics being watched (by user by topic)

This involves setting up watch lists, and the additional interfaces to drive them. Not impossible, but I will have to research how Trac sends email.

  • message posting - view previous posts in topic

This is easy. I'll see about adding this one for the next revision.

  • smilies

There is a plugin over on trac-hacks that does this (plus a lot more):

Posted: 02/05/07 03:03:43

FYI, I'm maintaining something resembling a project wiki over here:

I haven't bothered with using tickets yet since I've been moving so fast. But don't let that stop you. ;)

Posted: 03/13/07 16:39:00

I've upgraded to using tickets for tracforums. These two are relevant to this discussion:

Display Read Status for Posts Watch Lists

-- EricAnderton? at yahoo