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can't install/compile Tango Tango 0.99(svn) with gdc on linux

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Posted: 08/19/07 15:03:43 Modified: 08/19/07 15:05:36


I'm not sure if this problem is known or if I'm doing something wrong. When I try to build Tango (lib/ I get a compilation error:

tango/net/cluster/NetworkMessage.d:176: Error: no property 'create' for type 'object.ClassInfo'

The source of the problem is in object.di:

  version( DigitalMars )
    void*       defaultConstructor;

    static ClassInfo find(char[] classname);
    Object create();

Obviously I don't have the DigitalMars? compiler but GDC so this code is not being compiled... What should I do to get it working?


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Posted: 08/19/07 16:06:03

See ticket #581.

Now, if somebody could explain to me why I'm not getting that error, I'd be delighted...

Posted: 08/19/07 20:22:04

GDC is still stuck at 0.23, and doesn't support the create method added into the library. The interim resolution is to remove the cluster package from the build. GDC 0.24 with resolve this

Posted: 08/20/07 09:28:56

Thanks! I have removed it for the moment. Would it help using the svn version of GDC?