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futurism (and forums?)

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 02/04/07 08:03:08

Futurism now supports Tango (and still supports phobos).

Regarding forums -- I'm a little confused about dsource. There seem to be this set of forums, and another set of forums available from the top level of dsource. This set has "sandbox", "wishlist", etc, and the other set has tango.libs,, etc. They don't seem to be used yet.

Are both valid? Is there a difference between the two sets?

Also, the "projects" page does not list tango for me -- I usually go to another project and edit the URL to point to tango.


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Posted: 02/04/07 08:05:36

(Never mind the last point - looks like Tango has been added after all)

Posted: 02/04/07 09:25:49

About the forums - DSource has since the dawn of D sources used phpBB for the forums, but this has not been very well integrated with the project pages since the introduction of Trac. As part of the development of Tango, we therefore got an own Trac forum plugin going, which will be rolled out for all projects (like this is for Tango) when it is more stable.

The,, etc forums in phpBB actually indicate that they are their own projects, auxiliary to this project which is the Tango core. At this time, most of them, except, are just a place to keep code that we're not entirely certain how integrate cleanly in the core, if it ever will be.

Posted: 09/10/07 23:18:08

Ah I wondered about the other forums as well. I suggest you add some link posts in those forums to here 'cos it does make tango look a bit dead, which probably isn't what you want.

Posted: 09/11/07 01:15:59

Yeah, I think we'll remove those now that we have an active project in tango.scrapple :)