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tango.util.meta gone?

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Posted: 08/13/07 17:52:33

Sorry, I am new, but where did tango.util.meta go? I think it was there in 0.95 RC1 but I can't find it in 0.99 RC3 or SVN. Am I missing something?

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Posted: 08/13/07 18:30:55

Hey argl!

Most of the functionality in tango.util.meta was deprecated by new language features in D, and so the package was removed. Some of the functionality may still be relevant for inclusion later though, but then probably in a different fashion.

Was there any functionality in particular you were interested in?

Posted: 08/13/07 18:44:49

Hello larsivi,

thank you for the quick response! So is this new functionality of D V.2 ? By the way, is there any document that describes the differences between D1 and D2 ?

I was interested in meta.NameOf? mostly to get the names of functions and modules for debug logs. FUNC did not work for me in DMD 1.015

Posted: 08/13/07 18:55:00

I believe the language changes in question came in one of the first DMD releases after 1.0.

As for nameOf, I think the .stringof property should cover most of the cases?

Posted: 08/13/07 19:09:49 -- Modified: 08/13/07 19:27:58 by

I just looked up .stringof and it probably does cover most cases. However it's still not clear to me how I can get the name of the current function like the _FUNC_ in C and C++.

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: 08/13/07 21:11:57

[22:07] <h3r3tic> uh... it *might* be possible with some hacking and stack unwinding, but i have no idea how :S [22:07] <h3r3tic> some thomask might know [22:07] <h3r3tic> but it's definitely impossible on the metaprogramming level, or well, standard D features [22:08] <larsivi> right - feel free to answer :P thanks :D


Posted: 08/13/07 21:37:58

Bummer, but thanks for your help!