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why tango?

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Posted: 08/03/07 05:43:30


I am new here and wanted to try out D and the DDBI-Interface, but then I noticed, that I had to download and install tango. I could not get the DDBI-Interface run because of some errors, but this is another story. It interessts me why tango exists? There is already the standard-D compiler and linker with the libs, isn't it? So why did you write an own compiler, linker, libs and so on whereas you could use dmd and write libs for it, or help to develop the "original" D. I think the status as it is now is, is like a chaos. Ok, ok, i am new with D and so I don't know much about it, but it seems to me like a chaos.


ps: sorry for my bad english

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Posted: 08/03/07 20:23:34

Tango do not replace compiler or linker or other tools, just the library (runtime part necessary by compiler, and public API).

The reasons are many, but the Tango team wanted a platform library developed by the community, and with different traits and goals from those seen in Phobos. We're just happy that quite a few library and application developers seems to agree with us, and use Tango :)