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Using Phobos and Tango in the same program

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 07/21/07 00:50:33

Is it possible to use both Phobos routines and Tango routines in the same program? Or must one choose one of them exclusively?

-- Derek skype name: derek.j.parnell

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Posted: 07/21/07 02:02:09

The easiest way is to run Phobos.std on top of the Tango core. Gregor has created a project for this purpose called 'tangobos' here: I've never actually used it so I can't comment on it directly, but if strict compatibility were to be an issue it would be with std.thread or with the header packages: std.c, etc. Tango includes a 'PhobosCompatibility?' version to help, and this is how tangobos supports Object.toString and the like.