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Tango with GDC on Windows

Moderators: kris

Posted: 02/03/07 22:12:19

In "Chapter 2 - Tango Installation" of the Reference Manual, the following installations are documented:

  • Installing with DMD on Windows
  • Installing with DMD on Linux
  • Installing with GDC on Unix operating systems (including Mac OS X and Linux)

What about installing with GDC on Windows?

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Posted: 02/04/07 00:57:00

under MingW ?

Posted: 02/04/07 01:05:27 -- Modified: 02/04/07 01:09:19 by

We'll have a guide for that eventually... sooner than later, I hope. We're really looking at getting comprehensive support for gdc on as many platforms as possible. The reason a guide for GDC on Windows is not available is that, so far, it's still an odd duck, and few of us have tried it. GDC Mingw involves downloading the Mingw gcc tools and support binaries, setting up the environment, etc; so instructions and requirements will be more involved. DMD is simple to setup and test compared to gdc (notice that gdc binary distributions doesn't include the typical gnu tool binaries?)

Also, one of the goals of Tango is to make installation for supported compilers as simple as possible (including compiler/tools packages). So with that goal in mind, I'd like to see some packaging systems in place for all compiler variants (including support binaries). Mingw gdc is no exception. DSSS is one possibility here that's being investigated. With mingw, I want to see the required tools working (with Tango) with something close to a one-click effort. Currently, you can't do that with gdc (although we do include it for dmd/win32: see the GUI installer included in the Tango Package).

One further goal is to make building projects with gdc simple as well (eg.. working build tool). Until that happens, I don't think mingw gdc will really take off; it will remain a second class citizen to dmd on win32. There are a couple possiblilities in the works to rectify this situation as well.

So short answer: the instructions are coming.

Posted: 02/08/07 22:50:14

I've done preliminary tests for mingw gdc and tango. It looks like we need a whole new set of makefiles (or edit the current gdc-posix.mak ones) in order to get things working.

I'm still looking into this. It also looks like the user will have to download the msys package and core tools to make this work. Maybe we can modify Charlie's dmd/win32 installer so that it also gives the option for installing gdc/mingw/msys/tango (and support tools)?

Posted: 06/04/08 20:24:58

Let me second the request for Tango Windows GDC version (either the instructions, or binaries). It would be nice to be able to link against other MinGW/GCC-compiled binaries; which you can't do with DMD, because it uses another object format. Right now if you're under Windows and want to use Tango, you're forced to compile the C code with Digital Mars C compiler.

Posted: 06/04/08 20:43:04

See #541 where mingw support has been recently discussed.