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64-bit environment needed to debug Tango for GDC?

Moderators: larsivi

Posted: 07/05/07 00:22:54

Hi all,

I'm noticing that bug fixes for Tango under 64-bit GDC seem to be lingering. I'm not good enough yet with D to do the debugging, but I do have a dev machine available to clear up those bugs if any current developer is interested (and I can do the groundwork, such as re-creating bug reports).

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Posted: 07/05/07 07:19:23

Heya Duke, the observation is fairly correct, mostly because there yet has to be a stable GDC release that actually is capable of producing a fully functional Tango on that platform (and others non-x86). We truly hope that the next release of GDC will help us at least get further, but that is not something we know yet.

Posted: 07/06/07 02:02:19

Well, heck ... I guess I'll just have to work on the fundamentals while GDC catches up. Thanks for the quick answer!

Posted: 02/09/09 00:59:07

I'm on 64 bit linux and have built tango and several of the applications I'm developing with no problems... I'm using the latest SVN of GDC though.

Posted: 02/09/09 08:53:37

Sure debio, but it has been 18 months since the previous posts in this thread :) Also, there has _still_ not been an actual release, SVN trunk is the only currently usable alternative of GDC.