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Tango Compute Grid

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Posted: 06/27/07 21:12:35

Tango has an optional package for enabling high-performance clustered designs. The package supports distributed instances of cache, queue, and task (rmi/rpc). All activity on a cluster operates via a named 'channel', akin to a publish/subscribe channel i.e. once a channel is opened, cluster operations can be performed upon it. Channels are often named based upon the content flowing through them. For example, a common idiom is to use the name of a class, and retain that channel purely for appropriate serialized instances.

Data held within a cache is temporal, and the content is spread out across the cluster using a DHT (distributed hash table) approach. Queue instances are distributed in a similar manner, and are persisted to disk. Execution of task/rpc is generally synchronous, though queues can be used to house asynchronous task execution where a decoupled design is more suitable. Either way, task execution is spread across the cluster in a manner akin to queuing.

Throughput is far beyond any other similar approach known to us, and the consistent interface across each of queue/cache/task makes the design simple to use. We expect to make this functionality available in the next release of Tango.

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