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Tango VFS

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Posted: 06/26/07 21:06:32 Modified: 06/26/07 21:07:25

The Tango team is readying a virtual-file-system for Tango. A VFS lets you mount 'folders' from arbitrary sources (local files, zips, ftp, http, etc) and exposes the content in a simple and consistent manner independent of the underlying repository mechanisms.

A primary component of this system is a Folder abstraction, exposing typical file system operations. The Folder interface can be implemented by most hierarchical data providers, whether these are local folders, compressed archives, webdav resources, or even XML files. In addition the VFS itself is a folder which may be mounted into other VFS instances.

The initial implementation has progressed rapidly with both local folders and Zip-based folders operating at this time, and adapters for other 'protocols' under way. The various folder implementations are able to operate independently from the VFS such that, for example, LocalFolder can be used as an alternative interface for operating on local files. All 'protocols' are pluggable, such that linking a VFS adapter will expose that protocol for use.

The first revision will provide synchronous access to resources, whereas asynchronous access will be implemented using existing and coming non-blocking features of Tango.

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