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scanf()-compatible protocol

Moderators: kris

Posted: 06/17/07 20:56:15

I didn't see an I/O protocol for C/scanf-style I/O (data is not written binary but readable and is divided by whitespace). What do you think about this for compatibility? I already started to code, because of my needs. If you're interested, I can improve mine and submit it as a ticket.

It tokenizes the input (via tango.text.Util.isSpace()) and reads/writes basic data types with text.convert.Integer/Float format() and parse() routines. For simple stuff it already works, reading/writing arrays might need some more attention as well as Void/Obj/Pointer switches.

Author Message

Posted: 06/23/07 12:11:37

Okay, i've created a ticket with my code:

Posted: 06/27/07 06:17:03

Cool, thanks!

Sean has something similar, so I'm sure he'll probably be the first to take a deep look