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Enumerate Windows Process List

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Posted: 05/24/07 09:55:42


I am a newbie with D and would like to kill a process tree. It is easy to get the PID of a process I have started. However I have no control of sub processes started by my process. So since there is no way that I know of to find PIDs of descendants I need to loop through all running processes and search for a process that has my PID as its parent PID. Is there any way to do this with D? How do I get the process list and how do I find the parent PID?

Thx in advance, Tom

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Posted: 05/24/07 10:39:21

I don't think this is currently functionality available through Tango's Process class, but I will notify the mantainer about your post. Maybe this is something that can be added in a portable way.