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Socket problem

Moderators: kris

Posted: 05/23/07 05:35:39

D is a wonderful language,recently I've written a lot of programs to test it,now I found a serious problem in Windows platform when using socket programming,here I wrote a client and a simple server to test transfering data,for example,when the client connected the server successfully,the server will send four byte array which size is 16kb,but it's very strange that the last piece data's full bytes can not be received by the client, so I found although the last piece's bytes be sent successfully when call socket.send(byte[] bs) the method return the correct byte number of the byte[] buffer,and still about 4kb bytes can not be carried to the client actually,later I accomplished this function using Java and C#,as a result there are not any problem like this using them,is here anybody can interpret this problem? Thank you very much!

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Posted: 05/23/07 08:57:44

I suppose you have been using Tango for this :)

Could you show us a small snippet that shows what you try to do and that exhibits the problem you describe?