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Shorthand for forum links

Moderators: larsivi

Posted: 05/16/07 17:15:55

Are there any wiki shorthands to link to forums, forumposts and possibly users?

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Posted: 05/18/07 13:50:17

Unfortunately, no. The TracForums? plugin is just that: a plugin. I haven't patched the core Trac engine in any of this, so any such changes to wikicode processing are out of scope.

But seeing as how I have that change to the ticketing system on my plate, maybe I should just lump that and this feature in along with it. IIRC, Brad already has a patch to Trac for Dsource under SVN, so these two will simply be added to it.

-- EricAnderton at yahoo

Posted: 05/24/07 07:48:55

I have no experience with trac, but this forum-like plugin seems to offer wiki-link functionality. If I'm not mistaken, this is the code that does it.

Posted: 05/30/07 12:52:27

(odd, I could've sworn I replied to this)

Christian, thanks for pointing me in that direction; I had no clue the Trac API was so versatile.

Lars, I can certainly do something like that.

-- EricAnderton at yahoo