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tango and gdc

Moderators: larsivi kris

Posted: 05/03/07 20:42:38

hi ... im trying to get tango running with osx and gdc. im wondering, what version of gdc is needed for tango to work out of the box (e.g. is version 0.23 ok?)

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Posted: 05/08/07 16:32:20

Due to lack of proper access to the problems, OSX did not work properly with the previous release of Tango (and we're not sure that will not be the case for the next release either). In addition there seems to have been quite a few problems with GDC 0.23 and we now test in preparation for the next GDC release.

If you can help testing/providing solutions, that would be great!

Posted: 05/08/07 17:38:47

Some clarifications;

  • GDC 0.23 does not work with PPC or 64-bit setups whenever using the formatter, due to incompatibilities in how the D spec is implemented on those platforms contra X86. Whether 0.24 will fix this or not, I don't know.
  • Apart from the above, most scenarios work, but spurious errors occur as we're moving through examples and unittests, and more so with 0.23 and previous Tango release than the coming releases of GDC and Tango.

Posted: 05/08/07 22:04:44

actually i just had some success. i started from scratch with a new installation of gdc (from the gdc-sourceforge bzip2 archive) and got tango compiled. wow. cool :) warning: dont use the gdc that is provided by darwinports!!!