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Web Developement with Tango

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Posted: 05/02/07 21:44:16

Has anyone made any effort in writing a Tango compatible FastCGI library in D? I've written a very basic one for Linux, which gives the user access to special Conduits, which you also might be attached to Stdout & friends! I could imagine, that this would make web developement in D somehow interesting, although there are some other approaches - but FastCGI is a really nice one, especially if you intend to use your own caching...

I've read some posts in D newsgroups about FastCGI, but the last was spring 06. Any comments or ideas how this could be organized or how much work other people have done there. If this is interesting for someone, I would also finish my job and design it in a more portable way, supporting standalone FastCGI servers, plain CGI, an adaptive thread manager, etc...

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Posted: 05/03/07 04:55:54

Don't know much about FastCGI, but that sounds pretty cool. The only other http server I know of is the one in Mango, which has an optional servlet-engine.

Posted: 05/07/07 04:29:50

This would be very interesting for me..

Posted: 05/16/07 09:27:59

You could check out the dsp project

Posted: 05/16/07 15:34:09

doob wrote:

Thank you for the plug, but I wouldn't reccomend using the DSP project abstract, code and forum for anything other than what it is: a research project. Eventually I may have something to show that's usable and practical, but right now it's frozen in a very incomplete state. :)

IMO, FastCGI has a lot of promise for delivering results in a much shorter timeframe than any other approach.

-- EricAnderton at yahoo

Posted: 05/17/07 18:18:40

Just mentioning that Xammy's Fastcgi4D project now is up with the first code in it.