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Tango 0.99.9 Kai is out

To participate in the development of Tango libraries, documentation, or online presence, see:

The Library

Tango is a cross-platform open-source software library, written in the D programming language for D programmers. It is structured as a cohesive and comprehensive library for general purpose usage, and is supported by a growing number of recognized D enthusiasts.

Availability of solid and extensive documentation represents a prime factor in library accessibility, and thus this project is as much about documentation production as it is about top-notch functionality.

Important Notice

Tango 0.99.9 Kai introduces some breaking changes.


Issues and Enhancements

Tango uses a ticket-oriented system to track all issues, concerns, and enhancements. If you are a registered user, and logged in, you may create new tickets via the "New Ticket" button in the lower navigation-bar. Or click here

Certain toolchain issues also affects Tango. For discussions on ideas for possible future additions and enhancements, go to the ideas and enhancements page.

Compatible Libraries
Among the Tango users you will find DWT, MiniD, Sendero, DFL, Mango and many more

Tango Benchmarks
A few Tango benchmarks or comparisons exists

Been Using Phobos?
If you have code using Phobos, a migration effort will be necessary.

C++ or Boost?
For those of you coming from C++ or Boost, see how to migrate to Tango.

Ohloh project report for Tango

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