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Welcome to SemiTwist D Tools

SemiTwist D Tools has moved to Git/BitBucket:


Issue Tracking and Forum are remaining right here on DSource:

!! Old Stuff Below !!

Misc collection of tools, such as a case-insensitive string type, enhanced unittest features, a build configuration tool (stbuild, a cmd-line front-end for rdmd), useful mixins, etc.

SemiTwist D Tools works on Windows and Linux. SemiTwist D Tools attempts to work on BSD and OSX as well, but as I don't currently have easy access to either system some things may be broken and need to be fixed. Help with BSD and OSX (and also Solaris) would be appreciated.

A preview of SemiTwist D Tools is now available via SVN.

Latest version:

svn co http://svn.dsource.org/projects/semitwist/trunk SemiTwistDTools

Guaranteed compatible with Goldie v0.6:

svn co -r 234 http://svn.dsource.org/projects/semitwist/trunk SemiTwistDTools

Keep in mind this is not a real official release yet, so there's a lot that still needs to be cleaned up, there's a lot that will change, and there's no documentation yet.

SemiTwist D Tools is licensed under the zlib/libpng license.

Why the name 'SemiTwist'?

SemiTwist is the name of a small software company I've never had a chance to actually get off the ground. (If I do ever get to it, SemiTwist D Tools will still remain zlib/libpng license.)

Starting Points

Projects that use SemiTwist D Tools

  • Goldie: GOLD Parser Builder engine for D
  • HaxePreD: An implementation of Haxe's preprocessor


TracGuide -- Built-in Trac Documentation

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