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Welcome to Ray

What is Ray?

Ray is a smallish library for 3D graphics. I'm really not sure what is it going to be, because right now I'm just putting all those routines I occasionally use in a systematic form. Well, this is what the project isn't going to become:

  • scene graph library (like OSG)
  • open-source game rendering engine (like OGRE/Irrlicht/etc.)
  • wrapper ontop of graphics API
  • pure mesh simplification toolkit (like QSlim)

Ray is based on Tango, an alternative standard library for the D programming language.

Project Status

Right now, Ray is only compatible with D1.0. Ray will probably won't support D2.0 until it gets out of alpha version.

This project seems to have stalled with changeset 16 on 2007-08-01.

Package overview

  • base -- this is the base of all other packages, it contains code of math primitives: vectors, matrices, quaternion, euler angles, etc.
  • bv -- bounding volumes: axis-aligned bounding box, sphere and symmetric frustum
  • ds -- data structures: only index hash is provided right now
  • window -- experimental windowing code

Getting the code

To get the code, just check-out the trunk of the repository, either using a Subversion client or by going to source:trunk and choosing the "Zip Archive" link at the bottom of the page.

Ray is built using Jake. Currently, it is only built/tested on Windows, using DMD1.15/Tango 0.99RC3

Project Information

Status3 - Alpha
Short Descriptiona smallish library for 3D graphics
Long Description
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