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Building on Windows

Some quick notes... damn this wiki formatting...

DMD and Tango 0.99.9

DSSS 0.78

C:\Program Files\GTK2-Runtime\

C:\Program Files\GtkGLExt\

Then I built my custom GtkD.

(For unix and bash users who are accustomed to using "ls" instead of "dir" you can get some unix commands from I created a folder called C:\bash, copied the files there, and added the folder to Path in Control Panel - (search for) Environment Variables.)

Install Freetype:
Project page:
Download link for the installer (Setup):
You'll need to copy the freetype.dll to somewhere (propably to c:/windows/system/ but I haven't tested that), or to the same folder as your binary.

I also put the freetype.dll to the helloworld example dir. There's also a dir helloworld/system/fonts/Vera.ttf... Because the fonts refuse to load...