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Building Instructions

For building QtD, you need:

  • D compiler, DMD (dmd >= 1.055) or LDC trunk
  • Tango library (trunk)
  • or alternatively dmd2 >= 2.035 compiler with Phobos from
  • Qt 4.5 (development headers for all Qt packages), on windows you get the whole bundle anyway
  • On Windows, MinGW (included in Qt SDK distribution or you can download the automated MinGW installer from here). You should put directories qt\bin (that contains qmake.exe) and mingw\bin to the PATH environment variable.
  • On Windows, implib tool
  • cmake 2.6

Building procedure

hg clone
cd qtd
mkdir build_dir
cd build_dir

#on linux
cmake ../

#or on Windows
cmake -G"MinGW Makefiles" ../

Ignore any warnings output by the generator.

If you want to build qtd with ldc, instead of invoking "cmake ../" call "cmake ../ -DDC=path/to/ldc", or just "cmake ../ -DDC=ldc" if it is on your $PATH.

Mac OS X Case Study

Mac OS X Case Study