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Orange is a serialization library for D1 and D2, supporting both Tango and Phobos. It can serialize most of the available types in D, including third party types and can serialize through base class references. It supports fully automatic serialization of all supported types and also supports several ways to customize the serialization process. Orange has a separate front end (the serializer) and back end (the archive) making it possible for the user to create new archive types that can be used with the existing serializer.

The code repository has been moved to github. This page will continue to be the main page for the project and all issues should be reported here.
Project Information
LanguageD1, D2
Std/RuntimeTango, Phobos
LicenseBoost Software License
Ticket summary

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2011-08-16 - The repository has been moved to github:

2010-07-25 Version 0.0.1

  • Initial release
  • Now works with D2