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Welcome to Nova

Nova is a library for (un)common data structures and algorithms in D.

Project Status

Development seems to have stalled with changeset [11] on 2007-10-09.


Nova uses zlib/libpng license.


Nova should provide an implementation for most known data structures and algorithms.


  • I'm interested in data structures in general and especially in those which are not "mainstream" and therefore are more interesting.
  • I like D and this project is a good way to dig into it.



Added bitio classes and huffman encoder/decoder templates


Nova is now tangoified


First version is up and contains

  • template classes for intrusive datastructures in the spirit of boost::intrusive
  • a matrix/vector template
  • a weighted graph template class
  • a solver for the partitioned boolean quadric problem (PBQP)

Further data structures, like hashed array tree (HAT), ternary search trie (TST) and hashed array mapped trie (HAMT) are planned for the future. The order of implementation will reflect my interests/needs.

Project Information

Name Nova
Category Libraries-System
Status 3 - Alpha
Short Description A library for (un)common data structures and algorithms in D
Long Description
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Forum /forums/viewforum.php?f=87

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