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Welcome to MultiArray

Several libraries and wrappers for scientific computing with multidimensional arrays.

  • Wrappers: wrappers for various high-performance linear algebra libraries: BLAS, LAPACK, UMFPACK, SuperLU, TAUCS, and ARPACK.
  • Murray: an N-dimensional array class that emulates a multidimensional-array, . BLAS/LAPACK are used to implement maxtrix-vector and matrix-matrix multiplication, linear solver, and a least squares solver.
  • DFlat: a Vector/Matrix library implementing various storage formats of dense and sparse matrices (dense: strided,banded,packed; sparse:compressed row, compressed column, triplet). This additionally includes a simple, unified interface to the linear solvers in the LAPACK, UMFPACK, SuperLU and TAUCS libraries.


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  • Checkout SVN: With a command line svn client: svn co multiarray
  • Forum: Multiarray forum on dsource. (But please send me a private message or email if you post a new topic, otherwise I probably won't notice it)
  • Documentation: There are some ddoc comments in the main source file (multiarray.d). The matest.d file shows most of the usage constructs that are supported.