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Welcome to the Mango Tree

Mango is a collection of D packages with an orientation toward network programming. Mango extends the Tango library in a number of useful ways by supplementing with XML, clustering, a servlet engine, and an HTTP server. Mango is targeted for Win32 and linux platforms.

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Links, examples, etc

You might take a look at the examples to get a general feel for functionality. Those will probably be sufficient to get an idea where the Mango Tree might come in handy within your projects.

Discussion forums are hosted here, and the general introduction startshere.

Mango pre-Tango

The base components found in earlier releases of Mango has been integrated with the extensive Tango library. Tango contains a large set of Mango components, reorganized and mildly reshaped. Anyone familiar with Mango will find themselves very much at home with Tango instead. The codebase prior to integration has been moved to a branch (branches/v2.1) and the prior documentation resides over here.

Project Status

Development of the Mango project seems to have stalled with changeset 1144 on 2010-08-24. (The status of the Tango project is a separate situation.)