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    3333Currently using [ Derelict] for GL libraries.  Would like to figure out some way to leave the choice of GL wrapper up to the user. 
    35 Currently have one concrete !InputAdaptor that wraps GLFW, and one or two Themes.  See [wiki:screenshots screenshots]. 
     35Currently have three concrete !InputAdaptor implementations. They allow Luigi to be used with GLFW, GLD, or SDL. 
     36There are two Themes implemented, and you can see some [wiki:screenshots screenshots] of those. 
    3738== Roadmap == 
    4243Also double clicks are currently missing.  That should be easy to add. 
    44 A mechanism for distinguishing between app-events and gui-events is missing.  In the GLFW/GLD based examples I just have the app using the raw access API to query mouse positions.  It's also possible to connect to the Adapter's event signals, but again events always go both to the app and the GUI. 
    4645Of course I'd like more widgets and themes too, but each one takes a significant amount of time.  Basically all the machinery needed to go to town writing new widgets and themes seems to be in place now.  My priority for new widgets is: numeric spinner, dropdown listbox, radiobuttons, rollout (collapsible) panel, then maybe a 3D rotation ball like in GLUI. 
    4847Would like to make buttons able to show an image in addition to text.  I'm thinking to do this by some sort of "drawable" interface.  That is, make it so a button can have any "drawable" attached.  This would basically have a get_rect() method and a draw() method.  It's up to the user how that drawing gets done.  One concrete drawable provided would be a bitmap image drawable. 
    50 '''[done]''' Also I'll probably add toggling ability to the Button class.  Then any button can be made to participate in a !RadioGroup, and a !RadioButton will just be a regular button with a different appearance. ''!RadioGroup also implemented.  Checkbox and !RadioButton just become subclasses of Button with different drawing style.'' 
    5249== Related D Projects ==