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LDC 0.9.2



A new version of LDC, the LLVM based compiler for the D programming language has been released. It is built with DMDFE version 1.057 and LLVM 2.6. The runtime library has been upgraded to Tango 0.99.9.

In addition to up-to-date dependencies, this release incorporates a wealth of fixes and improvements by Benjamin Kramer, Frits van Bommel, Kelly Wilson, Leandro Lucarella, Matti Niemenmaa, Moritz Warning, Robert Clipsham, Tomas Lindquist Olsen and Christian Kamm.

If you miss a package for a certain OS/architecture and like to help out - please don't hesitate to contact the LDC team.
You can get the sources with "hg clone -r 0.9.2 ldc".

(0.9.2 equals r1648; based on DMD v1.057 and LLVM 2.6; with Tango 0.99.9)

Copyright © 2008, LDC Development Team.