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LDC 0.9.1



The release 0.9.1 of LDC, the LLVM based compiler for the D programming language, contains the following major improvements:

  • lots of bug fixes
  • x86-64 support is mature
  • inline asm improved (we now define D_Inline_Asm)
  • cross-compilation support
  • uses boehm-gc during compilation (x86-32 only)
  • D specific optimizations:
    • turn GC allocations to allocas if possible
    • simplify or remove certain calls to D runtime functions

The command line interface of LDC now has added options in line with other LLVM based tools. Please use the ldmd wrapper if you want a drop-in replacement for DMD.

(0.9.1 equals r1419; based on DMD v1.045 and LLVM 2.6svn rev 71386)

Copyright © 2008, LDC Development Team.