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Things to do for a release of LDC:

  • compile release LLVM
    • Unless this LLVM bug is fixed, make sure llvm-config doesn't have -lffi in $SYSTEM_LIBS. (Assuming ctfe doesn't use the JIT yet :P)
  • set ldc_version in dmd/mars.c to "?.?.?" (remember to revert later)
  • compile release LDC
    • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Release
    • USE_BOEHM_GC on (put libgc.a into project dir)
    • LIBCONFIG_LDFLAGS (path to libconfig++.a)
    • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (empty, so the config file is located in /etc)
  • compile release runtime
    • D_FLAGS -w;-d;-O3;-release
  • compile release tango
  • run minitests
  • run dstress
  • run tango unittests
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