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Build Instructions using Phobos/Druntime trunk on Linux/OSX/FreeBSD/Solaris

After LDC for D2 has been build, we can now set up a working LDC environment.

  • Fetch&Compile Phobos/Druntime:
cd ldc/
git clone
git clone
cmake -DRUNTIME_DIR=./druntime -DPHOBOS2_DIR=./phobos .
make phobos2
  • Setup target directory for installation (root access required):
mkdir /opt/ldc2
mkdir /opt/ldc2/bin
mkdir /opt/ldc2/import
mkdir /opt/ldc2/lib
  • Install the ldc2 binary and phobos/druntime library
cp bin/ldc2 bin/ldmd2 bin/ldc2.conf /opt/ldc2/bin
cp lib/libdruntime-ldc.a lib/liblphobos2.a /opt/ldc2/lib
cp -r druntime/ phobos/ /opt/ldc2/import
cp -r runtime/import/ldc /opt/ldc2/import
  • Change the contents of /opt/ldc2/bin/ldc2.conf to:
    switches = [
  • Done! :D


  • "object.d: Error: module object cannot read file 'object.d'"; This error indicates that your ldc2.conf is wrong; you may have a stale ldc2.conf around that is used by ldc2 instead.
    To check for other ldc2.conf files on your system you can do "find / -iname "ldc2.conf"". Or put a syntax error into ldc2.conf; if ldc2 isn't complaining, it's using a different ldc2.conf file.
  • You can install ldc2 in some other directory, of course, but you need to adjust some paths!


  • Create a file called main.d:
    import std.stdio;
    void main()
       printf("Hello World!\n");
  • Compile it to verify that LDC with Phobos is working:
    export PATH=/opt/ldc2/bin:$PATH
    ldc2 main.d
Copyright © 2008, LDC Development Team.