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Ticket #282 (closed defect: invalid)

Opened 13 years ago

Last modified 13 years ago

Assertion failed comping Tango 0.99.8 user library

Reported by: llucax Assigned to: ChristianK
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: unspecified Version: hg tip
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I get this error when trying to compile the Tango user library (0.99.8) using ldc tip (r1297):

ldc: /build/buildd-llvm_2.5-2-i386-G3bib9/llvm-2.5/lib/Target/X86/X86FloatingPoint.cpp:1072: void<unnamed>::FPS::handleSpecialFP(llvm::ilist_iterator<llvm::MachineInstr>&): Assertion `Op.isUse() && (Op.isKill() || getFPReg(Op) == FirstFPRegOp || MI->killsRegister(Op.getReg())) && "Ret only defs operands, and values aren't live beyond it"' failed.
0   ldc       0x088a1b5e
1 0xb7c89008 abort + 392
2 0xb7c80870 __assert_fail + 240
3   ldc       0x081aa08d
./ line 110: 27274 Abortado                $DC $ARCH $WARN -c $INLINE $DEBUG $RELEASE $POSIXFLAG -version=Tango -of$OBJNAME $FILENAME
Compilation of tango/math/Math.d failed

Building the compiler and the runtime works fine.

Change History

05/04/09 06:03:03 changed by ChristianK

I believe this is a bug in LLVM 2.5. Please try using LLVM svn.

05/06/09 03:27:33 changed by llucax

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  • resolution set to invalid.

Seems to work with LLVM trunk.

I had to make an undocumented hack to compile ldc against LLVM trunk though:

ccmake ./ -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:string=-DLLVM_REV=71035

(thanks impulze for the help!)

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