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Ticket #125 (new enhancement)

Opened 14 years ago

Last modified 12 years ago

apply forward references patch

Reported by: ChristianK Assigned to: ChristianK
Priority: major Milestone: Delay
Component: backend Version:
Keywords: patch Cc:


We'll eventually apply this patch to the DMD frontend. Until then it'll remain here for review and testing. It should fix DMD bugs 102, 275, 390, 400, 714, 805, 810 and 858.


forwardref.diff (51.4 kB) - added by ChristianK on 11/21/08 22:21:20.
forwardref-new.diff (51.5 kB) - added by ChristianK on 12/09/08 20:11:21.
forwardref-new2.diff (51.5 kB) - added by ChristianK on 01/08/09 17:22:27.
update to forward ref patch to apply cleanly against [878]
forwardref-965.diff (51.5 kB) - added by ChristianK on 02/16/09 17:20:12.
update for [965]
forwardref-1434-noexception.diff (177.6 kB) - added by ChristianK on 05/31/09 12:53:23.
another try

Change History

11/21/08 22:21:20 changed by ChristianK

  • attachment forwardref.diff added.


12/09/08 00:59:01 changed by lindquist

seems I broke this patch with my big aggregate changeset :(

12/09/08 20:11:21 changed by ChristianK

  • attachment forwardref-new.diff added.


01/08/09 17:22:27 changed by ChristianK

  • attachment forwardref-new2.diff added.

update to forward ref patch to apply cleanly against [878]

01/25/09 12:12:36 changed by mrmonday

  • component set to backend.

Applying the patch with r905 (x86_64 linux) causes lots of forward reference related errors when compiling gtkd apps:

gio/Mountgio/Mount.d(102): Error: module gio.Mount Forward reference!.d(102): Error: module gio.Mount Forward reference!
gio/Volume.d(103): Error: mixin gio.Volume.Volume.VolumeT!(GVolume) error instantiating
gio/File.d(91): Error: module gio.File Forward reference!

I removed a lot of repeated error messages. You can find the source files at

02/16/09 17:20:12 changed by ChristianK

  • attachment forwardref-965.diff added.

update for [965]

05/31/09 12:53:23 changed by ChristianK

  • attachment forwardref-1434-noexception.diff added.

another try

05/31/09 12:58:02 changed by ChristianK

  • milestone set to Delay.

forwardref-1434-noexception.diff follows the more sane approach of adjusting the return values of all functions that might cause, or need to pass through a forward reference error. Unfortunately that means a complete solution needs to adjust all calls to these functions to check for possible deferring - very verbose.

This patch still fixes some occurrences of the fwdref bugs mentioned in the initial description but is far from the complete solution.

08/06/10 17:19:54 changed by bioinfornatics

this patch is in trunk? because if not maybe will fix my problem with gtkd thanks

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