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Welcome to the Language Machine at

The Language Machine is a system for language, a model of language, and a toolkit for language and grammar. It consists of a metalanguage compiler and a shared library.

At its heart is an engine which directly applies rules to recognise and substitute grammatical patterns. The effect of an analysis is described using variable bindings, side-effect actions and calls on external procedures. The recognition and substitution phases of rules can involve any number of symbols, and either phase can usefully be empty.

The engine is written in the D language, and is developed using the gdc frontend for gnu gcc. The metalanguage is called lmn and is written (of course) in its own notation. It consists of a frontend and several backends. These target a bootstrap notation, embeddings of the bootstrap notation in the D and C programming languages, and direct implementations of rules as procedures in the D and C programming languages.

At present the project web pages are hosted at sourceforge, with a subversion repository and forum here at dsource.

project status

Development seems to have stalled at changeset 62, which was committed on May 14, 2010.

starting points

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