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The DWin project contains a Tango-compatible port of for support of Windows COM.

Juno on GitHub?

This project has been very ambitious and covered lots of ground. But it has also been dormant for some time. And with that it becomes hard to keep development going even for those that wish to contribute patches.

I have gone to the effort to bring Juno 0.5.1 to GitHub? for an effort to get it compiling on the latest DMD 2.0 compilers and to give it life again as GitHub? welcomes much more graciously than SVN and Trac.

You will not likely see releases come of this, just a continued development effort. I am of interest in a much narrower scope (COM mostly) than John has been and do not wish to be the new maintainer. I have some interest in using Juno and am willing to put in some effort to try and making it happen. I am only trying to make that available to everyone and easier for others to take that on. simple example (juno 0.35+)

Author : D语言论坛


void main()
		// Create a bitmap from image file. 
		scope image = new Bitmap(r"D:\draw.jpg"); 

		// Get the bitmap's drawing surface 
		scope graphics = Graphics.fromImage(image); 

		// Create a font 
		scope font = new Font("Arial", 20, FontStyle.Bold); 

		// Create a brush 
		scope brush = new SolidBrush(Color.crimson); 

		// Draw the text on the surface 
		//~ graphics.clear(Color.aliceBlue); 
		graphics.drawString("Hello, World! D语言论坛 ", font, brush, 10, 10); 

		// Save the image to a file"D:\out.jpg");		
	catch(Exception e)
		printf("catch %.*s\n", e.msg);

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