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The Indigo Library

Indigo consists of several parts. Containers modelled after the Qt 4.0 container classes, which also means they have an STL-like interface, a dynamic library loader, signals and slots, an IO system, and internationalization tools.

Indigo was created by Uwe Salomon. But please don't contact him for support etc. He is no longer maintaining the library himself. Contact me at torhu AT yahoo DOT com instead. In most cases, just use the forum.


Indigo svn compiles with DMD 1.014. The unittests work, but no actual testing has been done with any of the latest versions of DMD.

As of May 2007, there are no plans for further development of Indigo. But any contributions are most welcome, and don't hesitate to ask. If you find a bug, create a ticket for it. Hopefully, I or someone else will be able to fix it.

As of February 18, 2008, it's been abandoned by torhu:

I'm the current owner of indigo, and I guess you can classify it as
being abandoned.  As far as I know, noone's using it, because it's LGPL.
  And D people don't seem to like restrictive licences much.  So it's
not been properly tested with dmd >= 1.0, I only know that it builds,
and that unittests work.  But my app crashed when I upgraded the
compiler, so I stopped using indigo myself.




The html docs are in svn, so they are also included in the download below.


Go to this page and click on 'Zip Archive' at the bottom. This download includes the docs.

For Subversion users: svn co indigo

The full Indigo source, including the locale data, doc sources, and some extra shell scripts are available here. These packages don't contain the updated source, and are mostly meant for people interested in developing Indigo itself.

Project Information

Status4 - Beta
Short Descriptiongeneral containers for D that look & feel like the Qt 4.0 container classes
Long Description
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