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GenericInstallation Instructions

First download the sources for GDB and uncompress them to a directory. CD into this directory and download the appropriate d-gdb patch file from source:downloads . Apply the patch using the "patch" command and the "-p1" switch. You then feed the patch in via stdin. For example, if you downloaded the patch file named "d-gdb6.4-0.1.patch" , then run "patch -p1 < d-gdb6.4-0.1.patch" to apply the patch. If the patch is sucessful, then compile GDB as usual. (./configure; make; make install) See the GDB INSTALL file for details. If the patch is not sucessful, then the version of GDB you are using is probably not supported, or you have downloaded the wrong patch. If you still think it should be working, please submit a bug report including the GDB version you downloaded and the output from the patch command.