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Welcome to FreeUniverse

This game is a space simulator, much like Microsoft's Freelancer -- but in 2D, open source, and all items and areas are randomly generated, much like my previous 3059 game.

I'm taking special considerations for the following points:

  1. effeciency: I want the game to run good on older computers
  2. smart AI: I want CPU controlled ship's behavior to be believable
  3. continuity: ships that go off screen don't "disappear", and ships don't appear in empty space
  4. replayability: everything is randomly generated, areas are diverse, and ship/item choices are complete
  5. extendable: the game will be open source and easy to play with, in addition, adding graphics/sounds is as easy as placing the image/sound in its proper directory

This game uses the ArcLib library, and uses OpenGL.


3059 was my first open RPG-like game, which inspired FreeUniverse. Now, I have created 3069. It is now available for download at:


Here are some links for screenshots via the repository. I will try to keep these updated so they reflect the latest release, but I cannot guarantee they will showcase the "latest and greatest" of my game :)

  1. screenshot1.jpg
  2. screenshot2.jpg

Download / SVN

Get the first public release here:

Also, take a look at the latest release here:

Playing FreeUniverse

No documentation really exists for the game currently. I'll get some documentation up as soon as possible, however, documentation comes second to implementation :) Here is something to get you started:

Simply click 'New game' to start playing the game at the title screen. Enter a game name (this can be used to load the game later). Games are saved when you undock from a planet/station. Arrow keys control the ship. Spacebar is afterburner, 'a' and 's' activate strafer engines (if equipped). holding 'c' charges and activates cruiser engines (if available). Hold 'f' to charge and fire weapons. 'd' docks stations/planets/transpaths/telegates. You can use the mouse, or keys 1 through 5 to select objects. Moving the mouse all the way to the left shows your current items and their status (you can hold 'j' or 'i' to either jettison items or display item information while clicking items on this list). Moving the mouse to the top shows your target information. Pressing the 'p' key will pickup nearby selected items. 'l' enables/disables cloaking device. 'e' toggles effect modifier status. 'm' charges and fires good modifiers (selecting yourself and using 'm' applies good modifiers to yourself).


I have been using DMD v1+ to compile the game, and ArcLib as the game engine. Derelict is also required, but this is included with ArcLib.

I recommend using the latest version of Build to help compile FreeUniverse. A good IDE to use is Poseidon.


Please check out the forum for more information. Please post any comments, suggestions, questions and/or contributions you may have.

Thank you and enjoy!