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Welcome to fbd

CategoryServer Resources
Status3 - Alpha
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Short DescriptionFacebook client library
Long Descriptionfbd is a Facebook client library for the D Programming Language that uses Tango and Mango

Sample code

 char [] apikey, secret;
 // get your api key and secret

 auto fbClient = new FacebookClient (apikey, secret);
 fbClient.authenticate ();
 auto loginUrl = fbClient.loginURL ();

 // log in to Facebook using loginUrl

 fbClient.getSession ();
 auto user = fbClient.getThisUserInfo (FacebookUser.Fields.FIRST_NAME, FacebookUser.Fields.STATUS);
 // use user.firstName and user.status


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fbd is by no means complete, so it requires a lot of testing, especially with DMD, on Linux, on Windows, and for web applications.


fbd can't be installed by DSSS yet. It will once DSSS allows switching between Phobos and Tango.