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Welcome to DWT

DWT is a port of the SWT GUI library from the Eclipse project. The current port is based on SWT 3.3.2. Ports for Win32 and Linux are now available via the links provided at the bottom of this page.

Chris Miller's Entice Designer now supports DWT Code generation.

For those looking for the old DWT based on SWT 3.0.2 (Windows+phobos only), this has been superceded by DWT 3.3.2. However, the old version is still available in svn under the "branches" directory. The last dmd compiler version to work with the old dwt was 1.025.

Project Status

DWT 3.3.2 is not yet fully completed, but its already usable. See links Screenshots and the DWT-Samples repository, see below. Missing features are the Browser widget and OLE on windows.


Stable versions will be added when available. For now, please access the mercurial repository by following the instructions for AccessMercurialRepo and Installation

There is a setup shell script for DWT on linux/dmd/tango


Help and support for dwt is available on the digitalmars.D.dwt on the server. Also, realtime support is available on FreeNode in #dwt. See also the Installation Guide. Commercial support on request (


No Docs for DWT yet.

Since DWT is compatible with SWT's APIs, you may refer to documentation within the Eclipse project.

Development Repositories and Timelines


Beside the DWT-Sample repository, a lot of Java snippets for SWT are available.

Related Projects

DwtShawn lists a few project that use this early version of DWT.

Tioport has been used to automatically create SWT-3.2.1 ports (win32/linux). These ports are not compatible with DWT.