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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Created
#9 Phobos Support DWT-Win 1.0 defect JJR 06/10/08
#12 tango.util.log.Trace causes issues when application compiled in gui mode DWT-Win defect keinfarbton 01/03/09
#14 ToolText does not work on Windows DWT-Samples defect keinfarbton 03/11/09
#24 Some DWT samples fail to compile DWT-Samples defect doob 04/05/11
#25 List of snippets which error or don't work properly at runtime DWT-Samples defect doob 04/05/11
#27 Table headers are borken (win32) DWT-Win defect doob 04/28/11
#28 syncExec uses the wrong thread DWT-Win defect doob 06/13/11
#20 DWT2: Support for building one file at a time DWT-Win 2.0 enhancement keinfarbton 05/15/09
#16 Linux version requires "-version=TANGOSVN" with Tango 0.99.8 DWT-Linux defect keinfarbton 04/04/09
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