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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
9Phobos SupportnewJJRdefectmajor
12tango.util.log.Trace causes issues when application compiled in gui modenewkeinfarbtondefectmajor
14ToolText does not work on Windowsnewkeinfarbtondefectmajor
20DWT2: Support for building one file at a timenewkeinfarbtonenhancementmajor
24Some DWT samples fail to compilenewdoobdefectmajor
25List of snippets which error or don't work properly at runtimenewdoobdefectmajor
27Table headers are borken (win32)reopeneddoobdefectmajor
28syncExec uses the wrong threadnewdoobdefectmajor
16Linux version requires "-version=TANGOSVN" with Tango 0.99.8newkeinfarbtondefecttrivial
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