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Ticket #195 (new defect)

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DSSS installdir fails copying readonly things in .svn dirs

Reported by: baxissimo Assigned to: Gregor
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Keywords: Cc: larsivi


If you dsss install a Tango SVN checkout, the installdir commands in Tango's dsss.conf cause .svn dirs to get installed too.

First of all these really shouldn't be installed in the first place. Since DSSS is svn-aware to begin with, it should automatically ignore these directories. I can see an argument for it ignoring .hg dirs or other .XXX dirs that it doesn't know anything about, but SVN usage is an integral part of DSSS, so it should be smart enough not to copy SVN cruft.

Second, the copying can lead to install failures on Windows because some of that .svn stuff has read-only attributes, and it's copied with that attribute in tact. So the second time you try to install you get an error about trying to overwrite read-only files which causes DSSS to terminate before the installation of Tango is complete.

This was reported as a bug to the Tango folks (with a simple proposed workaround) but they have chosen to declare this DSSS's problem and apparently don't intend to apply the workaround (which is to not use installdir) on their side. For reference the Tango bug is here:

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