Welcome to dLisp

DLisp is an implementation of a Lisp dialect written in D, to leverage the build-in memory management and hash-table support of the associative arrays.

DLisp can be used as a scripting language for other applications. Learning tool for the Lisp-way of programming. And as an environment for writing small applications.

Project Status

Since the last update to the SVN by PeyloW was made on 2006-03-28 ([51]), this project is probably not active. Also, there is a topic in the forum that has some simple suggestions for updating the source that hasn't been responded to by PeyloW (the administrator of the project).

Notable Features

  • Powerful list processing
  • Powerful macros
  • Speed, yes DLisp is a very fast interpreted Lisp implementation
  • Easy to extend

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.