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Ticket #76 (new enhancement)

Opened 11 years ago

Last modified 11 years ago

Please move 'descent.update-site' up, to make downloading easier.

Reported by: aarti_pl Assigned to:
Priority: major Component: descent.astview
Version: 0.5 Keywords:


Currently checking out sources of descent is very time and bandwidth consuming process as directory 'descent.update-site' have about 72 MB. In case of SVN it is possible to make downloading once, but in case of downloading zip from dsource its really painfull to download every directory one by one to avoid downloading whole 'descent.update-site' directory.

I would suggest to put this directory into top level 'downloads' directory.

BTW.Thanks for fixing bugs reported by me :-)

Change History

04/29/08 22:18:35 changed by asterite

Thanks to you for using trunk and reporting bugs. :-)

I plan to release this weekend, so if you find other bugs, please report them so I can fix them before then.

The problem with moving the descent.update-site directory is that current users will have to switch the download location. And I didn't understand why you need to download zips from dsource (I haven't use dsource's interface for SVN much).

04/30/08 07:47:05 changed by aarti_pl

I have to use "download as Zip" option from dsource svn interface as I have blocked svn port in my company. So that's the only available option...

But I think that even in case of using svn it is problem to checkout/update/commit. Svn needs to calculate hashes for files in repository. Because of that updates and commits can take considerably longer for big binary files. First checkout is also really long process. And it will be even worse when new binary files will be added to repository.

I understand that changing location of update directory will need changing address in Eclipse. But in my opinion it's better to do it earlier than later. Especially given the fact that Descent is still in early stage of development, so people which install it nevertheless this fact should easily accomplish such a simple task :-)

Regarding testing. It seems that import(file) works indeed. But I have still problems with CTFE. I am developing currently library for database applications similar to U++ SQL library. There must be given database schema in text file. This schema is parsed and classes are generated. Currently schema is imported but function which should convert it into classes doesn't work.

I would advice you installing trunk version of doost library from dsource and see following files:


And please copy TestSchema?.schema into main project directory, so Descent can see it :-)

04/30/08 11:04:10 changed by asterite

I see... lots of semantic errors. That's ok. :-)

I was worried that Descent hanged, or something like that. Making semantic errors go away is really hard, but that code can help me make those errors go away. I need to see why it gives error in the other bug you reported (the 'exotic' template parameters). I think that if I solve that, the other errors will go away.

Also, where can I get the files for these?

import dbi.Database; import dbi.sqlite.SqliteDatabase?;

04/30/08 11:08:49 changed by aarti_pl

Files are from ddbi project on dsource. But unfortunately sources are pretty broken in latest revision. I use revision 62.

But in fact you can just comment out these imports and all references to them. There should be just a few places where they are used.