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Ticket #38 (new enhancement)

Opened 11 years ago

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autocompletion suggestions

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Priority: major Component: descent.ui
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All of these suggestions should be configurable, because I can imagine not everyone will like them.

But I would really really like more autocompletion and more assisting.

1. After typing the first 3 or 5 (configurable) characters, it should show the autocompletion suggestions. (Just as if you pressing ctrl+space).

2. I write: import std. it shows: std.file, std.math and so on I continue: fi but then ooops... I mistyped: k the suggestion popup is gone (because there nothing that starts with std.fik) I press backspace, so I am at: again unfortunately the popup does not come back :/

3. function params if I type write( it should show me (just a tooltip, nothing selectable) the expected function params consider: func(string s, int start, int end) { ... } | : cursor position *...* means: highlightened bold func(| -> [*string s*, int start, int end] func("bla",10 -> [string s, *int start*, int end] oops, I forgot sth, so I more my cursor back func("bla|",10 -> [*string s*, int start, int end] (instead of closing the tooltip) the tip should always appear if I put the cursor into some functions brackets also after I remove the ( like: func| and then again put it in: func(| -> [*string s*, int start, int end]

and please don't let it put a template into the code, like: write[ctrl+space] [enter] ==> write(name, buffer) the tooltip should be enough

4. maybe the tooltip when hovering over a function name could show where this function is defined, like: hovering over writefln, tells you: std.stdio.writefln

5. it should be possible to configure key space to also select something from the autocompletion suggestions, just like enter currently does

Change History

03/01/08 10:29:33 changed by baryluk

I have three small problems with autocompletion.

First, in context of import it gives symbols other than module names:

Second, when importing some modules, (ie. std.math) modules imported by them (ie. std.string) are also imported as public (where they are private for std.math). And as so when i hit ctrl+space in practicly empty file i got lots of strange functions..

Third, there is not default version symbols for gdc, linux, and othere processors, and becouse of that many modules are not processed correctly.

I adding this small problems here, becouse they are... suggestions :)