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Ticket #20 (assigned enhancement)

Opened 12 years ago

Last modified 12 years ago

Formatter enhancements; requested in newsgroup

Reported by: fraserofthenight Assigned to: fraserofthenight (accepted)
Priority: minor Component: descent.core
Version: Keywords: formatter


Copies of formatter suggestions made in newsgroup; targeted to descent 0.5 release

version (A) {

// ...


version (NothingHere?) {} else {

// ...


Next, a UI suggestion: add a vertical scroll bar and a horizontal scroll bar to "Brace positions" and "Set all to..." (in "Line wrapping style"), respectively.

Finally, some feature suggestions: - insert new line after the closing parenthesis in a function literal - one-line syntax for "scope" statements - insert space before opening bracket in array declarations

As a minor feature request, I'd like to see an option to format classes like this:

class Foo {

int x;


int y;


int z;


This indentation style is used quite often in Phobos, and I use it as well.

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09/04/07 16:44:56 changed by Carlos

I don't know if I should create a new ticket, but I'll just add this here.

Could you add an option to wrap long expressions?