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Ticket #192 (new defect)

Opened 9 years ago

Project with space in name wont compile.

Reported by: shd Assigned to: asterite
Priority: minor Component: descent.launching
Version: 0.5 Keywords:


Firstly, I don't know if it's Eclipse or Descent issue. As far as I remember I had no problems with Java so I'll fill this bug.

Reproduce: 1) Configure External tool build as it's on 2) Make File->New->Project...->D Project. Fill in 'project name' as something with space (ie. 'test bug'). 3) Click on project explorer->Your Project name->Your file (ie. Project Explorer->'test bug'->'main.d') to pass focus onto file you want to be built. 4) Push 'Run' your already configured external 'rebuild' tool (e.g. 'Release')

Result (project name 'test bug') Error: cannot read file C:\Users\shd\workspace\test.d

Ps1. Enclosing working directory '{project_loc}' with double-quotes wont help. Ps2. Focusing project itself (e.g. 'test bug' wont let you build since there is no such a file 'test bug.d'. Why there is no such a file you ask? You can't create D module with a space in name.


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Screenshot illustrating this situation